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Level 6 Marketing will create an identity that people can connect with.

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The product or service itself has to be valuable and trusted in order to succeed.

You can only slap so much lipstick on a pig before consumers see right through you. Some of the best campaigns are remembered for their slogans in the beginning, but when it's all said and done they are remembered for their trusted product.

At Level 6, we take great care to find out everything there is to know about your business so we can determine the right solution for your needs. A marketing company like Level 6 understands local demographics and what's needed to reach out to these diverse groups. All new clients receive a blank survey, and are asked for their thoughts on what's working for them and what opportunities they have in the current marketplace. We also try to understand who they think their customer is, who they want to attract, who's not seeking them out and why, or who they believe is simply not aware of them. Along with several other business model questions, we use the survey to try to understand where they want to take their business both short and long term. We don't feel we can effectively help a client if we're not in it together. While the survey is not mandatory, our most successful campaigns and long-term partnerships were born out of that collaboration.

Let us know if we can help you with your start-up identity, or revamp your existing brand to appeal to a new, broader audience. Whether traditional or online, let Level 6 be your marketing company.